Three Ways 5G Will Change the World

Three Ways 5G Will Change the World

Despite bringing much faster internet speeds to mobile devices, the move from 3G to 4G was not met with much fanfare. In fact, many people are still relying on 3G speeds depending on the type of coverage they get in their area.

That is why so many wonder why fuss is being made over the potential move to 5G. The key is to think of the move as more than just a speed boost. Think of it as shifting from a typewriter to a computer. It is a revolutionary step, and here are three ways it will change the world.

broadband power dividers

Remote Robotic Surgery

The technology to implement 5G is still in its infancy and infrastructure and specific parts like broadband power dividers still need improvement, but we are getting there quickly. And when it arrives, remote robotic surgery will become the norm. With 5G connectivity, surgeons can perform procedures hundreds of miles away, through robotic arms.

Smart Factories

5G will bring speeds that are 100 times faster than 4G, and that will have a transformative impact on factories. Thanks to the merging of the internet of things, and 5G, factories will become more connected and innovative than ever before. It is not just about improving current processes, but providing the platform for entirely new ones.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Entertainment

Audiences are already experiencing virtual and augmented reality, if they are lucky enough to attend a demonstration or want to spend thousands of dollars on equipment. But these devices and the related software are in its infancy. With 5G, devices will become wireless, lag will be a non-issue, and resolutions can go up without a problem.

5G is not just about being able to open a web page a bit quicker on your smartphone. It is about revolutionizing so many industries in important ways.